Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Aran Islands in Living Color

The Aran Islands are often described as gray and barren, but I discovered a world of color there.

Yes, Synge makes it out to be this way at times: "They live here in a world of grey, where there are wild rains and mists every week in the year."

But he also writes about the "red petticoats" worn by the women, the "faint yellow roofs" of the houses, the "green glittering waves" and "the blue chasm of the waves," the "bars of purple cloud" in the sky, and the "heavy indigo stockings" worn by the women. In fact, he mentions the color red more than gray (according to my word search function on my Kindle for Mac)!

The colors I found last summer on Aran...

Red plants sprouting out of the stone:

Orange lichen clinging to rock:

Yellow seaweed crawling onto the beach:

Green algae growing on the southern coast:

Blue paint chipping off a curragh:

Indigo hues streaked in the sky:

And violet flowers braving a life on the cliffs:

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