Friday, May 20, 2011

Aran Adventure 2011

It is now nine days since rain has fallen, and the people are filled with anxiety, although the sun has not yet been hot enough to do harm. The drought is also causing a scarcity of water...
-JM Synge, The Aran Islands

In the beginning of summer of 2010 Aran experienced a drought during the month of June. (It seems that the islands also experienced a drought during Synge's time). But I arrived in July, and that's when the heavens decided to open up nearly every day. Lots of soggy bike rides, wet socks, squeaky sneakers, and utterly impossible hair days.

With my summer 2011 trip to Aran soon approaching (!!!!) I realized I needed to buy better rain gear, and this week I finally found a suitable waterproof jacket (with a hood this time). An umbrella just wouldn't cut it with those winds, and was annoying to carry while hiking. It's best to be prepared every day for short rain showers during the day, even if the weather report predicted clear skies. I suggest leaving the umbrella behind and investing in good rain gear. And just embrace getting wet!

The Aran Islands are absolutely brilliant after a rainshower. The gray rocks glisten, the heavy clouds make the sky seem closer, and you learn to appreciate the moments of sunshine even more.

It has cleared, and the sun is shining with a luminous warmth that makes the whole island glisten with the splendour of a gem, and fills the sea and sky with a radiance of blue light.
-JM Synge, The Aran Islands

Inis Mor glistening after a rain storm

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