Monday, May 23, 2011

Aran Adventure + Week in Wicklow

This trip just got exciting, people.

A Young Synge
Well, okay, it was exciting before, what with bronze age forts and holy wells and magic and myths and spiritual healers and all. And that's all still happening. But now - I'm also going home.

To Synge's home, of course.

I am thrilled to confirm that as part of my upcoming Ireland adventure, I'll be spending four days in Wicklow to attend the Synge Summer School, and then exploring the areas in Wicklow where Synge used to wander. On these walks in Wicklow he met many people on the roads and in the glens, and I think it's safe to say that these encounters inspired him *almost* as much as his time spent on Aran.

Avondale House
This is the Synge Summer School's 21st year. It was started in 1990 by Professor Nicholas Grene, now is run by Professor Patrick Lonergan of NUI Galway, and meets in Rathdrum at Avondale House in Avondale Forest Park - the home of Irish political leader Charles Stewart Parnell, AND was one of the Synge family summer homes. The Summer Programme consists of seminars and lectures by leading Synge scholars and Irish theatre professionals.

I can't wait to meet and talk to other people who are as fascinated as I am with Synge and who share my love of his writing.

After the program concludes I will try to find other Synge spots in Wicklow:
  • Castlekevin
  • Tomriland House
  • Glenmalure
  • Wicklow National Park

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