Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photos that make me go "Ooohh!"

Celtic swirl, Teampall Einne, Killeany, Inis mor
A sailboat makes its way across the water, north side of Inis mor
Patterns in the sand streaked by the waves, beach on Inis mor
Blue blue blue beach, Killeany


  1. Dear Emily,
    I am very happy that you are on Inishmore! What a marvelous and fantastic photos! Thank you! Celtic swirl - I've never seen it in St. Enda Church. Wonderful gift, Emily!
    Take care!
    I heartily wish you all the very best together with Mr J.M.
    I read everything what you write with a great pleasure.

  2. Thank you Mariola! I'm so glad you enjoy my writing!