Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ferries Galore! Aran and NYC

Circle Line Ferry Port, NYC
Yesterday, for our anniversary, Kyle took me on the Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan. It's a 3 hour ferry ride that circumambulates the entire island of Manhattan. I loved it! I learned so much about New York City that I didn't know: on the north side of Manhattan there's so much lush greenery! We went under 20 BRIDGES during the three hours. The East River isn't a real river, it was constructed for shipping purposes. And Manhattan didn't used to be an island - the river on the north was carved out, again for shipping.

Me on the Circle Line, gazing at the NJ Palisades
Of course, I couldn't stop comparing it in my mind to the journey on the Aran Islands ferry, which is much rockier, but also shorter (40 min). But both are crowded with tourists from all different countries. The views from the water of the land are different, to be sure...
Aran Islands Ferry, at port in Kilronan
Kilronan, from the Ferry

Downtown Manhattan from the ferry
So different, but beautiful in their own ways.


  1. Glad you had a great time yesterday. The weather was so great and the views were amazing. I can't wait to ride the Inishmore ferry to see what amazing vistas await there.

  2. Love this thoughtful entry, Em! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!