Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Slán go fóill, Arainn!

I am sitting in a pub in Galway having a glass of Bulmers to celebrate the last night of Aran Adventure 2011. Instead of doing a rushed recap of everything I've done in the past few weeks, I offer these two lists: ten things I know I'll miss about Aran, and ten things I've missed about New York.

Ten things I'll miss about Aran:

1) Hiking to pre-Christian forts, monastic sites, and remote, wild places
2) Sitting and watching the waves crashing against the cliffs
3) Feeling connected to nature
4) Stillness/Silence
5) Spontaneous singing in pubs
6) Wearing comfortable hiking clothes every day, and not even worrying for one minute about my hair
7) Daylight lasting until almost 11pm (at least in the summer)
8) The color of the water
9) Irish cider (had to throw that in there. It's so delicious!)
10) Feeling amazed on an almost daily basis

Ten things I've missed about New York:

1) My family/friends
2) My bed/apartment/home
3) Reliable internet (lame, I know, but it's true)
4) Businesses, coffee shops, public transportation, past 6pm
5) My writing routine
6) Cooking healthy meals every day
7) Wearing skirts/non-sensible shoes
8) A relatively more predictable climate
9) My favorite places in NYC: Central Park, BAM, the Village...
10) Feeling amazed on an almost daily basis.

It's been a great adventure, and I'm happy to return to home.

Slán go fóill, Arainn.


  1. My, we miss you on the Aran Islands blog? On the Islands and no posts?

  2. Apologies for my absence for the past couple weeks! I have posted a short piece until I get back. I have not forgotten about the Aran Islands Blog - those posts tend to take me longer to write and require a better internet connection than I've had for most of the trip, also I like to have my books to use for research or to check facts and figures before I post, and of course I don't have those while traveling. Will write a more comprehensive post when I return. I'm currently in the Shannon Airport now, waiting to board. Thanks for checking in. Will soon be in touch.